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Hi Everyone!
We had a FANTASTIC Used Stamp/Craft Sale today at The Stamper's Cove! Wow - it was packed! So, so many bargains - so many treasures - so much fun! Thanks to all of you who took the time out of your Saturday to attend our Used Stamp/Craft Sale - we (the sellers of all the stamps/crafts) appreciate your support! The most FANTASTIC CUSTOMERS in the world are at The Stamper's Cove!

Mark your calendar, because we will have another Used Stamp/Craft Sale in February! Start gathering your used stamps/crafts now, so you can be ready to sell them in February!

Just a note - I overheard some visitors to the sale today, wondering if we were having the sale today because we are closing - rest assured -

This is the second time we had this sale (we had one in February) - it is to help all of you that have purchased stamps/crafts in the past - used them - now want to sell them - to make money - to purchase more stamps/crafts!! Makes perfect sense, right?!! Ha, ha!!

So please know that we are absolutely, positively not closing!! In fact we are planning lots of great events in the fall and into 2015! We will have a HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY in early October to celebrate our First Birthday, we are planning lots of activities to support Breast Cancer Awareness (also in October), of course we have many things planned for the Holidays AND we are already planning for the 2015 Main Street Shop Hop!

Here are some photos of today's sale -
This is the line of customers waiting  to come into the store this morning - welcome everyone!

Looking for bargains! See anyone you know?

Hey - there's Marcia getting some good stuff! Thanks for your support Marcia!

Well, that's it for tonight - it's been a long day! But - before I go I want to thank everyone that helped make the Used Stamp/Craft Sale a success - without their help there would not have been a sale! Thanks to Sherrie, Janet, Ligaya and Maeve for all your help on Friday, setting up the store for the sale! Thanks today to Doris, Ligaya, Sherrie & Janet for helping us and a special thanks to my 'Step 1' checkout helper, Maeve! I truly appreciate everyone's help!

Hope to see you all soon at The Stamper's Cove!

"Do Something Creative Everyday!"