Monday 10 - 6
Tuesday 10 - 6
Wednesday 10 - 6
Thursday 10 - 6
Friday 10 - 8
Saturday 10 - 8
Sunday 12 - 6

Weather may occasionally interfere with our store hours and classes. PLEASE call ahead if there is any doubt in your mind if we are open. Thank you so much!

Great News - Now Open Every Tuesday Night!

Hi Everyone -
Hope you are enjoying our cooler weather this morning! Love it! In reading over the email I sent last night, I just wanted to clarify our New Store Hours. We will be staying open until 8PM on Tuesdays. Here are the New Hours (they are also listed on the

Tuesday: 10AM - 8PM
Wednesday: Friday: 10AM - 5PM (except on Scrap & Dash Thursdays, Open until 7PM)
Saturday: 10AM - 4PM
Closed Sunday & Monday

Hope this info helps! Have a GREAT weekend!
"Do Something Creative Everyday!"