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Hi Everyone -
Hope you are all doing well and trying to stay cool! Is it just me or is it REALLY hot out?! Seems like it's been so steamy - I went out to walk the dogs this morning and my glasses steamed up - that's happened before when I go from outside to inside, but never inside to outside! Florida in August - gotta love it!!

          9:30 - 2PM!!
WOW - we have so MUCH stuff to sell in this sale!
I don't know what I was thinking (okay, so maybe I wasn't thinking), but I have 18 'sellers' for our sale on Saturday! All the sellers have been bringing in their items this week and we have TONS to sell! Yikes - so much stuff, so little space! We have stamps, paper, tools, punches, embossing folders, paper pads, card holders, embellishment holders, organizational stuff, embellishments and MORE! If you are looking for a DEAL you need to come to the sale on Saturday!

Here is a photo of one of the items at the sale. It's a craft table - dimensions of the table open is 60"x 31.5" - it folds down to 13" x 31.5". The chair is the perfect height for the table at 26" - but it does not have to be sold with the table. The table is $75 and the chair is $25.

REMEMBER - we are opening early on Saturday, 9:30 AM - so if you want to get the best deals be there when we open - like any other sale, the good stuff goes quickly and you want the good stuff!
See you on Saturday!
'Do Something Creative Everyday!'