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Hi Everyone!
I thought I was going to be writing this email to say a final goodbye - but instead I have unbelievable news!  The Stamper's Cove is STAYING IN BUSINESS!!!
Can you believe it?!

Here's the scoop - Nancy & Jon Roever will be managing the store moving forward! Nancy has been a customer at The Stamper's Cove for quite awhile - she's had a desire to run a store like The Stamper's Cove - so the match was made in heaven!!

Now as many of you know - there is NOTHING LEFT IN THE STORE!! However - don't worry - it will be FILLED with TONS and TONS OF NEW PRODUCT SOON!!

In fact MARK YOUR CALENDAR - SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH, 1-4PM will be the GRAND RE-OPENING OF THE STAMPER'S COVE!! AND - I will be there, too - yeah!

I will continue to have a role in The Stamper's Cove - I will occasionally teach some classes and help out when I can. However, Nancy & Jon will be at the store everyday to help you with all your crafting needs!

We came VERY close to losing The Stamper's Cove and Nancy, Jon & I need your support to insure the success of The Stamper's Cove! I am personally asking you to support them just as you supported me! I know I can count on you! We MUST continue to have a store like The Stamper's Cove in Sarasota - right?!

Nancy will continue to do many of the regular classes (including Wednesday's Coffee & A Card) we had in place at the store. I will be consulting with her regularly - helping her plan the calendar, purchase product and get the store ready for the coming months! I am confident she will continue to grow the store and make it a success! You will love her!

Shop Hop: The Stamper's Cove is back in the Shop Hop!! We have sold 30 Shop Hop bags so far and we MUST sell 45 more! Thanks to those of you that have already purchased bags! Nancy has the list and you can pick up your bags at the store when they come arrive (as usual). Nancy is also planning to have a Pre-Party on February 23rd (more details to come). Remember, the Shop Hop is February 24th - March 5th. Our theme is a Cupcake Shop - Nancy's Cupcakes! We will need 450 tags & pages made for the Shop Hop! I know Nancy will need your help to get ready - please email her if you think you will have time to help her as we get closer to the event (

Since the store will not be open for the next couple of weeks, please send an email to Nancy ( to register for the Shop Hop. She will add you to the list and you can pay for your registration when the store reopens on February 12th! We truly need your help and support to make the Shop Hop a success!

Nancy is anxious to get to know all of you! If you have any questions moving forward, you can reach her at: She will be announcing a new phone number for the store soon!

I know this has been a crazy turn of events, but I am SO VERY HAPPY that The Stamper's Cove will be back in business! You are all the most wonderful people I have ever met - thank you so much for your love, friendship and support the past 3 years! I hope you continue to support The Stamper's Cove for many, many years to come!

See you soon!
'Do Something Creative Everyday!'